Holster Front Holster Back

Steampunk Pocket Holsters - These unisex holster bags are perfect for whatever adventure awaits you: dancing, bike riding, festivals, travel... It's the answer to your costuming needs in cosplay, Ren Faire or Steampunk! It's lined with snaps to facilitate sizing needs, fits snug under a blazer or coat. Plenty of space for all your needful things, there are two big pockets on outside (4-3/8" wide by 5-1/2" deep) and two underside, zippered pockets (5" wide by 6" deep).

Harness Shoulder Harness Hip

Steampunk Harness Holsters - Extremely unique accessory that has two modes of wear: as a harness holster or a hip holster belt. Has the same pockets as the Steampunk Pocket Holsters. It can be altered by detaching the front strap and sliding harness down to your hips and reattaching the strap to the O-rings then spin the back clasp to the front!

Belt Front Belt Back

Utility Belts - For a hands free alternative to a purse, great for cosplay, Ren Faire and Steampunk costumes! Fits 33" - 39" hips. There are five pockets, one large pocket (4-1/4" wide by 5" deep), two medium pockets (3-3/4" wide by 3-1/2" deep) and two zippered pockets one on the outside and one on the inside.

Stack of Cuffs Cuff Pocket

Cuffs - Stylish unisex leather cuffs with a secret zipper on the underside where you can keep extra money or theatre tickets! Sizing usually 7" to 8" circumference.

Custom Orders - Chateau Nifty Pop does custom work as well. We have several colors of leather and hardware finishes to choose from. We love to help anyone who needs super hero sizes as well! Contact us at with your requests.